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2017_ag_crossfire by: twitch
Completion Date:    14 Feb 2017       
Map Name:            2017_ag_crossfire.bsp
Author:                   twitch
Author email:          levelediting@gmail.com

This is a remake of my map ag_crossfire which was obviously a remake of valves map crossfire.
Crossfire remakes have been done more times than I can count but for good reason. Crossfire is 
an awesome map. My version, ag_crossfire became very popular with the competitive players of HL. 
This version was made more for fun than for competition. There are tons of secrets, passages, and traps.

-Moonshine! Ideas, beta testing, and motivating me to make changes.
-Valve for the original crossfire map
-vluzacn for VHLT

Textures by:
- Andrew Weldon: Nightwatch textures. Best texture set for golsrc in my opinion!
- Moonshine: surréalisme  - style picture ag_crossfire


More information in TXT.file

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